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Easylube® Remote Control Demo Kit (NX)

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Easylube® Toolbox

Product Description

A demo kit specifically designed and provided for use by the Easylube global sales team. It shows the new generation Nexus remote wireless transmission series, including remote wireless-controlled automatic lubricators, wireless transmission gateways, extended-range antennas, and more. At the same time, you can download the remote smart management software Easylube® LINK by scanning the QR code on the automatic lubricator using your mobile phone.

The purpose is to help the business representatives of Easylube® global distributors to directly face customers, to show the professionalism and service quality of Easylube®, and let customers experience the lubrication improvement plan provided by Easylube®.

Toolbox Content


Remote Wireless Control Automatic Lubricators

Patented Grease Pak and Lithium Battery

Nexus Gateway

Extended Range Antenna


Easylube® LINK

Remote Smart Data Connected Management Software

(Scan the QR code on the lubricator to download)

Easylube® Toolbox
Easylube® Toolbox