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Easylube® General Demo Kit (EL)

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Easylube® Toolbox

Product Description

A sales demo kit is specially designed and provided to Easylube® global sales team. The demo kit displays a series of complete automatic lubrication hardware and management software, including some basic installation parts, grease cups, lithium batteries and samples of extension tubes. It is also equipped with a set of diaphragm pressure gauges to demonstrate the output pressure of the lubricator and the patented anomaly detection and early warning system.

The purpose is to help the business representatives of Easylube® global distributors to directly face customers, to show the professionalism and service quality of Easylube®, and let customers experience the lubrication improvement plan provided by Easylube®.

Toolbox Content


RFID Automatic Lubricator

High Efficiency Grease

Empty grease cup and battery pack

Installation parts, tools

Pressure gauge


Total Patrol Management System (TPMS)

Easylube® Toolbox
Easylube® Toolbox