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Easylube® EX - Automatic Lubricator

Automatic Lubricators

Product Model:EX-150 EX
Grease Volume:150 ml

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Product Features

Transparent and clear, with a peace of mind
Smart battery check and protection
  • ATEX international explosion proof certified

  • Comply with IECEx test standards

  • Non-sparking safety motor

  • Super reinforced protection case

  • Intuitive tri-color indicator lights

  • Five years warranty

Five years warranty
Easylube® EX - Automatic Lubricator
Easylube® RFID - Automatic Lubricator

RFID technology (NFC) cooperates with the inspection software to implement "on-site inspection" service management.

Water/Dust Protection

With IP66 dustproof and waterproof rating, it can overcome severe pollution application environment.

24-hour Monitoring

24-hour active monitoring, once the equipment is abnormal, it will immediately blink the warning light.

Monitoring System

The patented grease feedback pressure monitoring system can ensure that grease is added systematically into the bearing for lubrication.

Cycle Setting

The re-greasing interval can be set according to the bearing operating conditions to the range of 0.5-12 months

Detection Mode

The lubricator self-test function can be used to confirm whether the driving system is operating normally or not.

Detailed Specifications

Product Model EX-150 EX
Outlet Diameter 1/2" PT (M)
Grease Volume 150 ml
Grease Interval Range Adjustable from 0.5 to 12 months
Operating Environment Temperature Range -20 ~ 60°C (-4 ~ 140°F)
Pressure Plate Thrust (Piston) 5 - 150 psi
Automatic adjustment according to bearing's back pressure
Outlet Pressure (Grease Cup Outlet) Less than 10 bars to prevent grease leakage through the shaft seal
Operation Indicator Green Light:Normal Timing
Single Orange Light:Low Battery
Double Orange Lights:Abnormal Pressure
Red Light:Grease Injection Complete
Product Size (Height x Diameter) 15.7 x 8.35 cm (6.18 x 3.28")
Easylube® Original Service Pack

Product Model:EX-150-XXXX-3A

Coding Principles:

EX Series + Capacity + Grease Cup Specification + Lithium Battery

Rated Power (Lithium Battery Model / Specification):
Easylube® P-613A 6V x 1600 mAh , V0
Easylube® Grease Refiller (Grease Specification / Product Name):
EX-150-1000 High Speed Grease Cup
EX-150-1500 Multipurpose Grease Cup
EX-150-2000 High Performance Grease Cup
EX-150-5000 Food Grade Grease Cup
EX-150-0000 DIY Empty Grease Cup Kit
ATEX Hazardous Location Application Specification ATEXII 3 G EX ec IIC T6 Gc
Dustproof and Waterproof Grade IP66
CE Certification EMC SGS Reference NO.:MH/2020/10001C
RED SGS Reference NO.:MH/2020/10002C